Samsung SUHD TV. Sweet, spectacular, superlative Ultra High Definition television. Has all the great features you would expect from UHD TV and does them all beautifully. A high motion rate allows for smooth viewing of the fastest action. Quantum Dot Display, and High Dynamic Range for beautiful crisp images that have the kind of punch you expect from a prize fighter.

It connects with any device you’re likely to have from a traditional A/V setup, to a USB key or even your phone, so you can share your home movies, or that killer piece from your favourite website.

Check out the full specs at the link below, or let us tell you all about it in person when you drop by the store. Why read when you can watch?

Bring us your favourite video and let us show how it looks and how easy it is to connect. Don’t worry, there are plenty in stock, so when you fall in love with this one, we’ve got something you can take right home.