Classic in styling, in solid value, and in name, the latest turntable from Pro-Ject won best product at the Eisa awards, and we’re proud to offer it at Liptons. Solidly built, the Pro-Ject Classic Turntable spins at a precise 33/45 rpms with minimal vibration, for exquisite sound reproduction in perfect time.

How it does that is a question for the ages…okay, a matter of thoughtful engineering and isolation of components, so that each is undisturbed by the movement of other parts. Then, with each part doing its own thing, their functions blend and mesh to create beautiful music.

Sold in two colours in Canada: Eucalyptus and Walnut. Optionally sold with an Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge factory installed, at a favourable price well worth the upgrade.

More info? See the link below, or come by to look it over and talk about it with us directly.