B & W 805 Diamond
Paradigm Prestige 95f
Paradigm Prestige 85F Floorstanding Speaker
Paradigm Prestige 55C Centre Channel Speaker
Paradigm Prestige 45C Centre Channel Speaker

Paradigm Prestige 45C Centre Channel Speaker

Visually and tactilely beautiful

Paradigm Prestige 25s
Paradigm Prestige 15b
Bowers & Wilkins 600S2 683
Bowers & Wilkins 600S2 684
Bowers & Wilkins 600S2 Series 685 Speakers
Bowers & Wilkins 600S2 Series 686 Loudspeakers

Bowers & Wilkins 600S2 Series 686 Speakers

Superior bass response without the risk of rattle

Bowers & Wilkins HTM61
Paradigm Series 7 Mini Monitor
Paradigm Series 7 Monitor 11

Paradigm Series 7 Monitor 11

Canada's #1 line of loudspeakers for over 30 years!

Paradigm Prestige 1000SW Black Front View

Paradigm Prestige Series 1000SW Subwoofer

Clean design with front mounted controls

2000 Paradigm Prestige Subwoofer Cherry 3 Views

Paradigm Prestige Series 2000SW Subwoofer


McIntosh XR100

McIntosh XR 100 Floor Standing Loudspeakers

Full range audio reproduction

McIntosh XR50
McIntosh MHP1000

McIntosh Headphones MHP1000

A fully immersive personal listening experience

McIntosh MHA100

McIntosh MHA 100 Headphone Amplifier

Gives a spatial dimension to your music

McIntosh MC275 – case removed
McIntosh MAC6700
McIntosh MC152

McIntosh MC152 2-Channel 150 Watt/Ch Amplifer

Superior control for smaller scale systems

McIntosh Mt5

McIntosh MT5 2-Channel Precision Turntable

Turntable of the gods - Rolling Stone

McIntosh MX121

McIntosh MX 121 Home Theatre Processor

Total control of your home theatre

McIntosh MC207 Amplifier
McIntosh MC452
McIntosh D150

McIntosh D150 2-Channel Digital Preamplifier

Wide dynamic range & low distortion

Control 4 Smarthomes

Control 4 – Automated Lighting Systems

Optimize your viewing environment

Cocktail Audio X12 totally awesome Revolutionary HD HiFi Audio System, CD storage, Music Streamer, Music Server and Advanced Internet Radio

Cocktail Audio X12 Music Server

Supercool and perfect for the music geek in your life.

Paradigm Prestige Series Loudspeakers
ProJect RPM 1 Carbon


Low-cost luxury for audiophiles


BDI Corridor 8179

Elegant and sleek display cabinet.

Lehmann Audio - Black Box Statement

Lehmann Audio – Black Cube Statement Phono Preamp

Making record collecting fun again.



Un-compromised AC protection and purification

GoldenEar Triton One

GoldenEar Triton One Loudspeakers

From room shaking authority to delicate subtlety

Audioquest Speaker & Video Cables

AudioQuest – Speaker & Video Cables

The subtle art and science of audio cable.

Paradigm Stylus-Outdoors Series


Quality audio, stylish and durable, for the outdoors.

Pro-Ject Elemental

Pro-Ject Audio: “ELEMENTAL” turntable

Affordable: with simplicity & outstanding sound quality!

Just $279

Tivoli Pal BT Bluetooth Portable Radio

Tivoli PAL: Bluetooth enabled personal audio

Pro-Ject Essential II Turntable

Turntable innovation for vinyl starters with class-leading sound quality!


Bryston DA-2 External DAC

Compatible with CD Drives, Sound Cards, Computers, Music Servers, etc.

Marantz CD6005 Hi-Fi Compact Disc Player

Marantz CD6005 Hi-Fi Compact Disc Player

Enjoy your favorite CDs and digital files with thrilling sound quality.

Marantz PM6005 Integrated Amplifier

Wide dynamic range with low distortion,

Marantz MM7055

Marantz MM7055 Amplifier

Long-term power delivery into even low impedance speakers.

Marantz SA8004 Front

Marantz SA8005 Super Audio CD Player and USB DAC

Rock-stable imaging and a convincing soundstage.

Palliser Home Theatre Seating

Listen in luxurious, stylish loungers

Definitive Technology : In wall - in ceiling speakers

Definitive Technology : In wall – in ceiling speakers

Superb sound from in-wall and in-ceiling installations

GoldenEar's Triton Series Towers

Golden Ear: Triton 7 Loudspeakers

GoldenEar Technology’s premiere products, the Triton Tower loudspeakers

Golden Ear Force Field Subwoofer

Golden Ear: Forcefield 5 Subwoofer

Extraordinarily deep and tuneful bass that is ideal for music and movies

Bowers & Wilkins AM1 Loudspeakers

Bowers & Wilkins AM1 Loudspeakers

The weather-proof AM-1 is the most durable loudspeaker Bowers & Wilkins has ever made.

Spin Clean Record Cleaning System

Spin Clean Record Cleaning System

The best way to clean vinyl records

You won`t even know they`re there.

Speakercraft Profile

Beautiful Built-In Sound

From $199 ea.

Primacoustic Room Treatments

Listen to your sound system all over again!

From $299
Top of the line quality.

BDI Home Theatre Furniture

BDI Audio Video Furniture

Compact and very powerful.

GoldenEar Forcefield Subwoofers

A force to be reckoned with!

From $599

Paradigm DSP Series Subwoofers

Affordable, Powerful bass.

From $699

Bryston Audio Components

Canadian made Audiophile components

Ruckus Speakers

Speakercraft Ruckus Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers with a lifetime warranty.