McIntosh’s entry into the dedicated headphone amp market, the MHA100 brings the best possible personal listening experience to you, compatible with any headphone you are using. McIntosh’s Autoformer technology produces three headphone impedence ranges: 8-40, 40-150, and 150-600 ohms, bringing optimal McIntosh sound to every headphone device.

The Headphone Crossfeed Director (HXD®) gives a spatial dimension to your musical or cinematic experience. Built in premium DACS offer four digital inputs, and  decode at up to 32bits and 192kHz delivering analog fidelity to your digital music, and the device also offers two analog inputs for legacy music devices.

On top of all of that, the MHA 100 is a full on 50 Watt / Channel McIntosh Integrated Amplifier:  more than enough clean power to also run a great set of bookshelf speakers in your home or office!

We’re bringing it. Come and get it. Liptons, 130 Davis Drive, Newmarket.