Rolling Stone Magazine’s review refers to the McIntosh MT5 as “The turntable of the gods”. You probably don’t aspire to Godhood, but we’re betting that you love to be surrounded by the purest sound and the most beautiful objects. Welcome to the Mt5. M, for Magnificent: High performance platter and motor drive assembly, with a moving magnet compatible moving coil cartridge.

The Mt5 is factory-optimized with all important adjustments made for perfect playback: Cartridge overhang and arm height, anti-skate force, tracking force…all set for maximum listening pleasure right out of the box.

As to how it will look in your home, it’s got a beautiful gloss black finish and a turntable base that glows when you turn it on. Kind of jazzy when you have guests over, and perfect when you want to truly drop into the music and a soft warm glow is all you need,