So new that you have to visit chat forums to read about it…except for this one mini-review from Analog Planet.

As an experience, listening your music on this turntable, whether it’s opera, rock, or the most ethereal, every nuance will be clearly and perfectly expressed.

The MT2 features a solid acrylic platter, mounted on a rigid chassis,and  a ceramic bearing shaft with a magnetic main bearing. The precision of the design and construction are matched by the electronics and the motors.

It would be easy to look at the McIntosh line and buy it for the cool looks, the styling that has it looking like something out of Van Helsing, but they’re so much more than handsome faces. Solid engineering, craftsmanship, precise tolerances, quality parts, and thoughtful design are hallmarks of the brand.

All of this taken together delivers a turntable that lives up to any accolades and will age well. A McIntosh purchase is an investment buy. Come to Liptons to listen and find out why.

You are going to be taken by its looks though. Just sayin’.