The McIntosh C2500 2-channel tube preamplifer connects your legacy and modern sources for the greatest possible array of listening options.

With 15 inputs, including five digital and two that are dedicated phono, you can connect up to three amps simultaneously and control them individually from a central location…the Home Theatre Pass Through feature integrates flawlessly with existing multi-channel theatre systems.

The C2500 will do it all, with the latest DACs for USB and all other digital inputs, as well as a top functioning phono stage with moving magnet and moving coil capability for getting the best from your precious vinyl LP collection.  You get all that awesome space age cream, and the cherry on top is the triode tubes giving  the warm sexy silky sound of traditional high-end audio…which is McIntosh all the way…and it looks as hot as it sounds.

Come in, check it out, and talk with us about how the C2500 will enhance your listening experience.

“The C2500 sounds… as it looks – noble, elegant and without nervousness. It knows the reason for its existence, and it does its job well, producing a big, saturated and musical to the bone sound.” – SoundRebels.com