Offering matched 1500 lumens brightness levels in both white and colour spaces, contrasted with zero lumens during full-black scenes, the Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS10000 is the gymnast of projection units.  It’s reflective laser lightsource gives instant, long life picture presentation, with no bulb to change…..ever!

Most importantly it supports 4K content, and is the only 1080p projector – pixel shifting or not, that does support 4K content, that has HDMI 2.0 and HDCP (copy protection) 2.2 that will be required for the forthcoming Blu-ray UHD (4K)

These exciting innovations give images projected from this device a rich and juicy appearance that honours the filmmakers intent with stunning image fidelity, while improved pixel density grants a smooth film-like quality.

The LS10000 also provides a great user experience by storing as many as 10 settings, including zoom and focus positions for ease of use in multiple common environments.

Laser light source ensures high-speed contrast control with wider colour gamut and rapid warm-up and cool down.

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