The Bryston Mini A Bookshelf Speaker is a great solution for the audiophile with limited space. Premium quality, compact  size, and clear sound that feels like you’re really there, in the recording  studio. And, it’s beautiful.

Comes in: Black Ash (Vinyl), Natural Cherry (Vinyl). Boston Cherry (Vinyl), and  Custom Veneer (Additional Cost).

Here are some features

  • High levels of SPL without distortion or compression
  • Unit to Unit matching
  • Bryston internal crossovers, designed to integrate perfectly with Bryston Amplifiers
  • Custom designed drivers with die-cast aluminium baskets, substantial magnet assemblies, and custom motor systems
  • Wide dispersion design
  • Engineered to prevent cabinet resonances
  • Décor-friendly form factor

There’s more information at the link below, or, if you prefer, come by the store to hear how the Bryston Mini A Bookshelf Speakers present sound.