Sit there for a minute and just look at these.


Okay, we have these in the store now, and you should hotfoot it over to Liptons for a listen, a look, and a fondle of these beautiful headphones. Made using “liquid wood” a beautiful, formable, material with excellent acoustic properties.

Check out this review from Inner Fidelity, with an interview of designer Skylar Gray about the design and production of these gorgeous devices.

I first heard of this project coming along about a year ago when I chatted with Skylar Gray (AudioQuest’s chief designer on the project) at CES. I also got a personal guided tour of the NightHawk in it’s most current iteration at the time a month ago at CanJam@RMAF. Astonishing then, and now, is how much innovation Skylar has managed to pack into this new headphone design. Much of it is mentioned on their NightHawk launch site, but I thought I’d take a few moments to relay my understanding of some of these design features. So, open another tab to their site and I’ll talk you through what I know, and what I’d like to know more about, regarding this very interesting headphone.

There’s so much to say about Audioquest’s Nighthawk, that you may as well come over to hear it all. We’re here waiting for you.