Soundcast’s Outcast – The Ultimate Wireless Outdoor Speaker for your home

Once the staff at Liptons had a test drive of Soundcasts’ new Outcast speaker system, we were hooked. The Outcast is a all weather speaker system that communicates wirelessly with the iCast docking station. You simply plug in the iCast in a convenient location in your home, place your iPod on the cradle and you are all set, the Outcast does the rest. Now you can enjoy your iPod music by the pool and have control of your iPod from the buttons located on the top of the speaker system.

But all the convenience of the Outcast would be for nothing if it didn’t sound good, and boy does it sound great. Due to its 4 speaker array, the music you are listening to is sent in all directions and can really fill up the deck or yard with sound. As well, the Outcast has a built in powered subwoofer to provide excellent bass response, even while listening outside.

The promise of outdoor wireless sound is fully realized in the incredible Outcast by SoundCast.  Hear it today at Liptons.

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