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Free Turntable Clinic – May 6, 11am – 4pm

If you love vinyl, you know how delicate the sound variables can be. A properly optimized table will give you the purest sound possible, and that’s why we’re offering a Free Turntable Clinic on May 6, 2017! 11 am to 4 pm This is your opportunity to bring in your newer or vintage turntable, get […]

Newmarket Vinyl Record & Collectibles Show : April 23

Do you love records? We’re co-sponsoring a Vinyl Records and Collectibles Show in Newmarket! It runs from 10am to 3pm on Sunday April 23, at Branch 476 of the Royal Canadian Legion in Newmarket. There will be multiple vendors and a huge number of LPs to choose from! Come on out for a walk through […]

We’ve got your fave Vinyl LP’s right here at Liptons!

You spin me right round baby, right round…so we’ve brought in some super swank vinyl to help you really enjoy the fantastic equipment you bought from us.  We’ll shine that sound to a high gloss…just like the perfect grooves on the pristine vinyl that we sell here reflects your excited face back at you. Classic titles, latest […]