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Systems and Synergies – Troubleshooting video

Our last article, Systems and Synergies – It looked good on paper looked at how we approached troubleshooting a Turntable installation.  Turnables can be particularly delicate to set up, but issues can arise with other things as well. For example, Home Theatre.  You create an installation with a TV, sound system, and a cable box, and […]

Systems and synergies – It looked good on paper

Sometimes, people will put an entertainment system together for themselves. They’ll spend hours on research and talking to experts and it’s perfectly designed. On paper. They bring it home, spend an evening or weekend putting it together and something doesn’t work. Like it just won’t. They take it all apart and the store’s got a […]

Concierge service

When you deal with Liptons for audio video solutions, you will have a dedicated salesperson that you will deal with all the time. From the first time you come looking for an entertainment system solution of any kind, the person who helps you, whenever you call, email, phone, or come in, will be your personal […]

Home installation: Professional, skilled, respectful, and quick

Insert Tab A into Slot B also. That’s an actual instruction I once had in a package. The rest was equally helpful. Instructional text, especially for consumers, has gotten much better through the years, but technical writing, which is the fancy term for it, is nevertheless going to be technical. That’s just inevitable, especially when […]

Winter is coming. So are your guests.

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Winter is coming, so are your guests. If you’re looking to set up your home theatre before then, it’s time to think ahead. Liptons AVU is here, at your service to make sure that it happens on time, seamlessly, and works perfectly. Plan We’re happy to come to you for an […]