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DIY vs professional outdoor installation

It’s almost summer! Time to think about outdoor living, summer party music, and getting your outdoor audio video experience organized. This is the second in a series about outdoor entertainment installations based on an interview with Lindsay about what people should consider when beginning this process. * Pro tip * It’s about quality and service. […]

Gifts for Grads and Dads

Check out the June edition of our brand new virtual flyer! Featuring: Paradigm, Sonos, Pro-Ject, Marantz, Anthem, Samsung, Sony, BDI Furniture, Logitech, and Control4. There’s lots to see and read about and lots here to hear when you’re ready to drop by to listen for yourself to how it sounds. Nothing is impossible. We are experts in getting audio and video into every room, […]

Choosing the right outdoor TV

Like everything else, there are desirable and undesirable ways to set up an outdoor living space for TV viewing. This article, based on an interview with Lindsay, is the first of a series on outdoor living options. This one is a brief overview of classes of outdoor television options. Lindsay: Some people just take a regular […]

Outdoor Living at Liptons!

Tidying the garden up for the summer season? While you’re out there trimming plants (or watching it be done), it’s the perfect time  to begin planning and designing your entertainment space for outdoor living. Liptons specializes in custom installations and providing the best possible results. We’re experts. Let us help you have the best possible […]

Control4 Summer

The 50s future seems to almost be here in many ways, electric cars, cars that convert to planes, wired homes that can be programmed to anticipate our needs. Maybe soon we’ll have robot bar fridges to mix and deliver your martinis on the patio as hovering speaker drones overhead play your choice of tunes…that’s likely […]

Enjoying Outdoor TV

Talk about feeling like you’re at the stadium…sit outdoors in a summer evening watching “The Game” on a crystal clear outdoor TV that blends into the darkening night like the view down on the field from up in the stands. You’re outside in the breeze, smelling the flowers and the fresh cut grass. Like you’re there…except […]

Outdoor speakers for great home entertaining!

Listening to music outdoors is as big a part of a Canadian summer as entertaining and bbq’s.   Today most people have endless amounts of music listening potential, but often are looking for how to get their favorite tunes outdoors.   Liptons stocks a wide range of outdoor speakers, and solutions, to make your outdoor […]